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Sometimes learning the journey others have taken can help to inspire you to plan your own amazing life.

What started as a very innocent “I’m just going to be a personal shopper” journey has blossomed into the most extraordinary trip of our lives.  We have travelled the world, made thousands of new friends, retired from our “JOBs”, we drive around in a brand new vehicle, and have for the first time in our life-financial freedom.

This career path has allowed both of us to enjoy a life that can be moulded around our young family, and has us at home with the kids more then ever before.



SeneGence Career Highlights to date-

  • SeneCar Qualified since April 2016 –(Purchased a brand new Hyundai Tucson Sep 2016)

  • Lips Trip, Bahamas, January 2017

  • Featured in the Acclaim Magazine for 2017-2018

  • SeneStar Trip, Cabo San Lucas, June 2017

  • Lips Trip, Costa Rica, January 2018

  • SeneStar Trip, Disney Orlando Florida, June 2018.

  • Crown Princess December 2016 (15 months into SeneGence)

  • Sapphire Crown Princess March 2017 (18 months into SeneGence)

  • First SeneGence Distributor to be featured on a NYC TIME SQUARE JUMBOTRON- July 2017

  • Current team size approximately 1900 (January 2018)

  • Emerald Crown Princess January 2018, with a team earning $4 Million USD!


If we take it back to the beginning here’s how it all went down………. I saw an ad on Facebook for a NO BUDGE, NO SMUDGE, LONGWEAR LIPSTICK……. I was 8 months pregnant with our third baby and wanted to look fabulous in my post-birth photos, (yup i’m THAT girl – owning it!), so I messaged the ad and this amazing women called Lucia Broadby replied….. BEST customer service ever.  She was amazing.  In only two days I received her goodies. Blu Red was my first colour……. I raced to my mirror and applied it and BAM within 30 seconds I was HOOKED.  Like literally, hook, line and sinker.

I messaged Lucia right away and wanted MORE.  I HAD to feed the addiction.  Lucia said to me straight away… “Why don’t you sign up for a discount??’’ Hahahaha yeah right… I wasn’t signing up for a discount.  I didn’t “DO” network marketing. I had SUCH a bad attitude about it. (How ironic right??). In fact it took several more conversations and MORE orders from me before I finally succumbed to Lucia’s sweet nature and she said YES! Well…. the rest, they say, is history….


I ordered and sold about $8000 in my first month, everyone I approached was mesmerised.  I was excited, I was pumped.  I only intended on signing up for the discount but BOOOOM, everyone else wanted it as well.  I wasn’t  going to say no to a sale, SO I SOLD!

Within 3 months, Phill, who had only ever done FIFO offshore work, was able to come home and work locally, 5 min from home,  Home at 4pm EVERYDAY!  We were living the dream, 3 kids, dad at home, no more FIFO…. How much better could it get….

3 months later, I qualified for a new car…. The company would pay $600 a month towards any car I liked!  How could it get any better then this??…….

15 months into our journey, we hit Crown Princess… our team of now 600 had sold over USD$1,000,000 of makeup and skincare! I’m sorry……..what?? Yup $1M!


4 weeks after that we had a FREE trip to the Bahamas!

8 weeks after that our team finished the Seminar year (31st March 2017) at USD$3.1M…….. WHAT THE??………

3 months after that we jumped on a plane for another all expenses holiday to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico! Yup. Free. The company paid for everything including food and alcohol, flights, accommodation and activities.


2 weeks after returning from Mexico we made a huge decision……. Our income was so generous we decided to retire Phill from work….. he was 38.  Not. Even. Joking. He is now at home enjoying our young family and our beautiful journeys.


Days after Phill retired, I was announced as the first face of SeneGence to go on the JUMBOTRON IN TIME SQUARE NEW YORK CITY!!  (yup, thats me down there!!)




6 months after that trip we  jumped on another plane and headed to Costa Rica for ANOTHER free trip!


Oh yeah…… in June 2018 time we also get ANOTHER free trip to Orlando Florida to stay at Disneyland, ALL FREE!

There has been so much going on in between these moments as well, the friendships, the excitement, the travel, the customers and the team.


SeneGence has changed our life.  It’s such an enjoyable way to make a living.  With some dedication and planning its definitely possible to have success.

Enjoy your journey, allow yourself to embrace all that it has to offer. Go forward and surprise yourself.


Chantelle & Phill xxx


Feel free to contact us here if you’d like to chat more about what we do for a living!

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